Welcome to HighlandWare!

Welcome to HighlandWare!

Posted by Tom Frazier on Dec 29th 2018

Welcome to HighlandWare!

We make lightweight textile-based backpacking equipment and a few other things on the side. Our company is very small and most products are made to order in our little sewing shop in rural Maine. 

At the moment, we only have a few items available for purchase, but keep an eye on us; we've got a ton of ideas that have yet to be implemented! Our primary focus is on  producing lightweight gear to maintain complete comfort in a backcountry environment.

Our company got its initial inspiration in 2005 when we turned to hammock camping as a potential solution to camping in mountainous terrain covered in towering pine trees with no flat ground to be found anywhere. Tent camping in this kind of terrain was all but impossible, so we turned to hammocks. Hammocks can be used anywhere there are two elevated support structures--trees, and the occasional boulder, fit this requirement perfectly.

After a bit of experimentation we were able to achieve complete comfort in any terrain by using a hammock based sleeping system and the vision of HighlandWare was born. 

We chose the name "HighlandWare" to represent our brand as it represents both our mountainous origins and our vision for the future of this company. The first part of the name, 'Highland', denotes a rough, mountainous terrain, while "Ware" simply means 'gear'. Taken as a whole our name means 'gear for rough country', and we strive to make just that. Light, yet rugged, gear for rugged country to enable a safe and comfortable outdoor adventure.

We hope you like what you see and keep an eye on the new projects we'll bring to life as the future unfolds.